State-of-the-art science, developed in the UK, for accurate and comprehensive genetic risk evaluation for Alzheimer’s disease.
A non-invasive test which assesses the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The test analyses over 100,000 genetic variations in your DNA that are associated with, or protective against, Alzheimer’s disease.

genoSCORE-ACT genetic risk test for Alzheimer's disease

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There are many genes in your DNA that together determine your individual genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease. genoSCORE-ACT applies a proprietary algorithm to your DNA (taken from a saliva sample) to calculate your lifetime risk in the form of an easy-to-understand risk score.


"We had mixed feelings about the test results. While it was reassuring to know that one of us was at average risk, knowing that Helen is high-risk did cause considerable concern. However, we saw the result as an opportunity to focus on our lifestyle choices and improving our general health, as this has been shown to reduce Alzheimer’s risk."


Why Should I Get Tested?

At We Are genoSCORE, we want to help you understand your brain health and so you can make the right choices for your future wellbeing. 

genoSCORE-ACT gives you the knowledge  to take control of your brain health. 

What Does My Risk Score Mean? 

Genetic risk depends on the unique blend of genes inherited from your parents. Predicting risk for Alzheimer’s disease is complex as many genetic factors are known to be involved. To produce an accurate determination our scientists assess over 100,000 of these factors in each saliva sample tested. 

The risk score produced indicates your chance or likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease during your lifetime. It is not a diagnosis, nor is it certain that someone with a high risk score will go on to develop the condition.

This is because your overall risk is also affected by other things, such as your lifestyle (e.g., drinking, smoking, being overweight) and other health issues (e.g., whether you have diabetes, depression, hypertension, etc.).

genoSCORE-ACT does not consider non-genetic factors. A formal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease requires specific medical tests to be carried out, such as a brain scan.

What is APOE Plus? 

Our advanced Alzheimer’s risk assessment tool, genoSCORE-ACT goes beyond APOE testing which only assesses a single gene, by examining over 100,000 genetic variations related to Alzheimer’s disease. This detailed analysis provides a more accurate and detailed understanding of your long-term risk. In fact, the test has been shown to be over 80% accurate in predicting the future later development of Alzheimer’s*.. 

That’s why we like to think of it as APOE Plus.

*P. Daunt, C. G. Ballard, B. Creese, G. Davidson, J. Hardy, O. Oshota, R. J. Pither, A.M. Gibson & for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, 2020. Polygenic Risk Scoring is an Effective Approach to Predict Those Individuals Most Likely to Decline Cognitively Due to Alzheimer’s Disease, J Prev Alzheimers Disease. Source